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McCreary Law Office sees clients in the office by appointment only. But someone is available to answer your call Monday through Friday, 9am to 5:30 pm. We typically have someone in the Houston office at least Monday through Thursday, 10am through 5pm. But please call ahead or email to be sure we're there if you're just dropping something off.

Yes! Jana maintains her Florida license and her Florida office on University Boulevard in Jacksonville. She is available by phone and video conference on an ongoing basis. She sometimes travels to the Florida office to meet with clients in person. But now Jana sees clients throughout the state of Florida using video conferencing. For estate planning clients, we will arrange for a notary and two witnesses to come to your home for your signing.

Jana works with existing and former clients and is also taking new clients in Florida.

Jana McCreary is passionate about educating people about the importance of estate planning. In addition to being a law professor for a decade, she has vast experience with public speaking. Jana has presented to groups at business, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities, among others. Her audiences have been made up of a variety of persons including small business owners, financial planners, parents, and those planning their retirement. Please call the office to talk with Jana about visiting your organization.

Payment depends on what your matter involves. For estate planning, the office requires 60% of your fee to be prepaid for the office to begin work on your plan, paying out as your plan is worked on through meetings, emails, and drafting. The 40% balance is due before your originals are provided for signing.

For probate clients, fees are required to be prepaid and are held in trust, paying out to the office as work is completed.

Yes. McCreary Law Office accepts American Express, Discover, Master Card, and VISA. You may also pay by eCheck. Any of these payments can be made online.

Yes, she does. Jana’s great-great-great granduncle fought at the Alamo in 1836. Those were the beginnings of her Texas roots on her paternal grandmother’s side of the family. Jana is proud to be a full third-generation Texan, her parents and all of her grandparents having been born in Texas. (She thinks she’s but one great-grandparent shy of being fully fourth generation.)

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