Should I store my will in a safe deposit box?

Probably not. Unless you are certain to have someone else authorized to access your box (and, ideally, a back-up to that person), McCreary Law Office does not recommend storing your will in a safe deposit box. A safe deposit box cannot be opened by someone else until your death. And a court order might be needed. McCreary Law Office instead recommends a fire-proof and water resistant bag or safe in your home. And if you ever must evacuate your home due to a hurricane or power grid failure or flood, be sure to take your plan with you.

A key point, though, is that your agents should know where to find your plan. If you've planned with McCreary Law Office in 2022 or after, the office has asked you where you'll store your plan and if you grant consent for the office to share that location with your agents in the future. (If you planned with the office before 2022, please contact the office to update this information.)