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Happy Woman Making Checklist After Moving Away from home

Are You Ready to Move Away from Home?

When you move away from home, it is a major milestone in adulthood. For the first time, you might have to secure housing, buy insurance, sign up for utilities, and manage your finances. All of this can feel overwhelming as you simultaneously adapt to… Read More
Image shows an advanced directive, stethoscope, magnifier and a pencil

What to Do When Incapacity Throws Your Estate Plan into Chaos

As poet Robert Burns mused centuries ago, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Despite thoughtful effort and a concerted strategy, you cannot prepare for every emergency in life. A car accident, sudden illness, workplace injury, or chro… Read More
Estate Planning Legal Business Management Wheel Infographic showing power of attorney

How to Choose the Right Agents for Your Incapacity Plan

Many people believe that estate planning is only about planning for their death. But planning for what happens after you die is only one piece of the estate-planning puzzle. It is just as important to plan for what happens if you become unable to man… Read More
Power of Attorney, Living Will, and Health Care Power of Attorney documents on a desk

Five Essential Legal Documents You Need for Incapacity Planning

Comprehensive estate planning involves more than just planning for your legacy after your death, avoiding probate, and reducing taxes. Good estate planning also addresses incapacity and appoints people to make legal, financial, and medical decisions… Read More
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Four Things Your Spouse Should Know Before You Die

It is normal for spouses to share almost every aspect of their lives with each other. But when it comes to death, even the closest couples might become tight-lipped about certain topics. According to one study, half of all couples fail to discuss the… Read More
Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month: How an Estate Plan Can Help Improve Anxiety

Roughly one in five US adults experiences a mental illness each year. Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental health conditions, affecting nearly one-third of adults at some point in their lives. While anxiety can be generalized and chroni… Read More
Health care planning with Medical and Health icons on wooden block planning for health care concept.

How COVID-19 Might Change Your Health Care Planning and Directives

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we have been forced, as individuals, to assess our values and priorities along with our overall health. The COVID-19 clinical information relating to treatment options and likely outcomes based on pers… Read More
Adult and child hands holding brain paper cut out

Four Estate Planning Steps to Take Right After an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, it is important to start planning immediately. There are several essential documents to help you once you become incapacitated, but if you don’t already have them in place, you ne… Read More
zoomed in US map to illustrate states rights

Will My Advance Directive Work in Another State?

Making sure your end-of-life wishes are followed no matter where you happen to be is important. If you move to a different state or split your time between one or more states, you should make sure your advance directive is valid in all the states you… Read More
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Scheduling Goodbyes Living Will

Scheduling Good-Byes: One Role of a Living Will

December can be, for many of us, a difficult time of year. As we lose family members and friends over the years, holidays often remind us of those losses. Personally, this is the first Christmas I’m headed to Texas since the last Christmas I wa… Read More
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