McCreary Law Office, P.A. is shifting to McCreary Law Office, PLLC

But you can just say McCreary Law Office

Over the past few months, a lot has been happening with McCreary Law Office. As announced last fall in letters or emails to clients and contacts, McCreary Law Office would be opening an office in Houston, Texas. This process has taken a while (screeching to a snail’s pace this past month), but some of the behind-the-scenes work is ready to shift forward.

As a new business entity in Texas, McCreary Law Office is officially McCreary Law Office, PLLC (that’s business speak for “Professional Limited Liability Company”). Back in Florida, McCreary Law Office is a P.A. (business speak for “Professional Association,” which is a corporation). In the coming months, Jana will be merging these two so everything will be under the PLLC umbrella of the Texas business. This doesn’t change anything for Florida clients. Jana still is the only owner / interest holder. And she’s in charge. But she thought she’d let you know why those initials out there on social media have been changing and why PLLC will be on the updated website. (That’s right! You heard it here first: a new look is coming!)

But really – no need to worry about the alphabet soup. In both states, the law office also does business as McCreary Law Office.

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