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Elliott James McCreary

When Jana lived in Jacksonville, Florida, she volunteered with K9s for Warriors as a volunteer puppy raiser. The puppies Jana cared for accompanied Jana to the office and often sat in on client meetings. Jana saw what great comfort a dog was able to bring to clients as they discussed the sometimes difficult decisions that need to be made for an estate plan or as clients worked through administering the estate of a loved one. Jana knew from that experience that her next dog would be trained as a therapy dog. And thus Elliott’s path was designed.

Elliott now brings over seventeen months of office experience to McCreary Law Office, having joined the firm the day he came home with Jana in 2021. A descendant of an English cream golden retriever and standard red poodles, Elliott is a goldendoodle. As a pup who napped under Jana’s desk from such a young age, he’s done well getting used to the office environment. He’s been in formal training since he was a wee pup and will soon be studying for his Canine Good Citizen certification.

Elliott, Office Paw-a-LegalElliott’s primary responsibility is to spread joy to the masses, which he does on his off time on walks, at local parks, or at outdoor establishments in Houston. He carries over that responsibility to bringing joy and comfort to clients and the team at McCreary Law Office. When Elliott is in the office and clients request, he loves joining in meetings in the conference room. He is slowly but steadily learning not to bark at the squirrels or the resident opossum outside of the conference room windows.

When he’s not in the office, Elliott enjoys taking naps, chasing balls, and corralling the home office feline staff, Arthur and Olivia, the purr-a-legals.