McCreary Law Office Introduces its Secure Client Portal

Great news! McCreary Law Office now offers clients a secure client portal through which to send messages and documents. When you're working on estate planning or elder law, it is essential that you communicate openly with your attorney. Using this portal should provide clients even more peace of mind in sending that information to McCreary Law Office electronically.

Military-Grade Client Portal Encryption

All new clients will be invited to create their own login on the client portal. Once you create your personal username and password, you'll be able to communicate directly with McCreary Law Office through the portal.

When you log on to your personal portal page, any messages or files you send to McCreary Law Office will be done with McCreary Law Office's provider, which uses 256-Bit military grade encryption (the same protocol as online banks). You'll be able to attach and send files such as Design Worksheets, previous estate plans, account statements, and more. McCreary Law Office will also be able to securely send you files through this portal.

Accessing Your Client Portal

Yes, this does mean you'll need to remember a new username and password. But like any other online account, protecting your information is essential. Check out this piece by on good password practices.

Don't worry about forgetting where that email is that invited you to the portal. Clients can find the link to the portal on the menus of the McCreary Law Office website as well as in the signature teal button. A Client Login button is at the bottom of every page and on the Contact page:

Website with Client Portal

Of course, as always , mail, fax, and in-person drop-offs are still a wonderful way to communicate too. McCreary Law Office wants all clients to feel comfortable with communications, whether in the digital age or a bit more traditional.

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