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How Life Insurance Can Be Part of Your Estate Plan

Life insurance may not seem to have a bearing on how to dispose of assets in your estate, but you might like what you find if you look a bit deeper. Life insurance can be an integral, indispensably important part of a well-thought-out estate plan. Read More
How Elder Law Attorneys C…

How Elder Law Attorneys Can Benefit Seniors and Their Family

Elder law encompasses a wide range of legal matters affecting an older or disabled person. An elder law attorney specializes as a legal advocate for aging adults and their loved ones. Issues related to guardianship; retirement; health care including… Read More
Caregiver Appreciation: Compensating an Adult Child Caregiver

Caregiver Appreciation: Compensating an Adult Child Caregiver

March 3 is Caregiver Appreciation Day, which is a specific day to express your appreciation to those who care for someone who is ill, disabled, or elderly. As noted on Holiday Insights, caregivers, who are often family members, “give their time… Read More