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Texas Capitol Legislation for Nursing Homes

State Laws Change to Protect Nursing Home Residents During Covid-19

Nursing home residents in the US suffered severe consequences of high infection rates, morbidity, and mortality because of COVID-19. Read More
How Elder Law Attorneys C…

How Elder Law Attorneys Can Benefit Seniors and Their Family

Elder law encompasses a wide range of legal matters affecting an older or disabled person. An elder law attorney specializes as a legal advocate for aging adults and their loved ones. Issues related to guardianship; retirement; health care including… Read More
Learn how using a Trust can help you take care of your elderly parents in Florida.

Using a Trust to Provide Care for Your Elderly Parents

Using a Trust to Supplement Care for Your Elderly Parents Estate planning is for everyone. Sometimes, young adults without children assume they don’t need to plan; everything will go to their parents anyway. But as your parents age, and as you… Read More