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Texas Capitol Legislation for Nursing Homes

State Laws Change to Protect Nursing Home Residents During Covid-19

Nursing home residents in the US suffered severe consequences of high infection rates, morbidity, and mortality because of COVID-19. Read More
Reduce Fall Risk. Senior woman helping her husband to stand up after fall while they were jogging.

Tips on Lowering Senior Fall Risk

One out of five senior falls causes a serious injury — such as a broken bone or head trauma — according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report. Injuries of this sort can make life difficult for an older person to do everyd… Read More
happy senior couple with adorable golden retriever dog in park showing emotional support animal

Emotional Support Animals and Seniors

The use of emotional support animals is becoming more and more common. What is an emotional support animal? An emotional support animal is a companion animal that provides benefits to a person who has an emotional disability such as anxiety or depres… Read More