Reviews of McCreary Law Office in Houston, Texas

Below are actual client testimonials and reviews I have received over the years. I appreciate my clients and their willingness to share their experiences. I hope these personal perspectives are helpful to prospective clients who are considering my services. They are not a guarantee of particular results in your matter.

Karen and I made a commitment approximately one and a half years ago to formally arrange our financial/family affairs to avoid litigation and probate to the extent the law allows. Our goal was to allow our children ease in dealing with the business side of a sometimes-emotional event.

In researching expertise possibilities, we shied away from multi-disciplined large firms. Our personal feeling was smaller client base firms would allow for more personal interaction. We both wanted to understand the process.

Our choosing of Jana was based on informative articles she wrote for a local magazine. The subject of the articles was in line with our goals. Hence our decision was made.

If asked for a recommendation of an attorney who could perform the tasks we needed today, we would not hesitate to recommend Jana. We would suggest an appointment to interview each other. We found Jana engaging, professional, and a strong desire to assure we understood the process.

– Chris and Karen Western

Jana was very patient explaining all the ins and outs of elder estate planning. During the process my husband passed away and she was so kind to me although we did not go through with the final application. I would recommend Jana to anyone for legal help.

– Lisa Altman

My mother was in Hospice and we wanted to ensure that her affairs were in order so my siblings and I needed the services of an estate lawyer. Jana McCreary was recommended by the care home my mother was previously in and we are very grateful we called her. She came to Hospice and spoke with my mother with kindness and compassion, giving her the respect and dignity she deserved.

In addition to her warm manner, Jana is very knowledgeable and professional and it gave us comfort and security knowing Mom’s wishes would be handled in an organized and timely matter. We are truly appreciative for Jana’s assistance through a very difficult time and would recommend her to anyone who is need of estate planning services!

– Roger Boyes

I highly recommend McCreary Law Office. Jana McCreary’s professionalism, organization, and overall demeanor, made the process of making my end of life plans, including the distribution of my assets, a straightforward and empowering experience. Jana’s work is thorough and thoughtful. She answered all my questions, helped me navigate through different scenarios, and explained different outcomes under the law. Jana listens and then provides guidance, as any good legal counsel should. I am confident that whenever it is time for me to depart this earth, the process of distributing my estate will be clear, easy, and straight forward, all because of Jana and the excellent work of McCreary Law Office.

– Mary Margaret

Jana was a great choice for our estate planning needs. She was very knowledgeable, was easily able to explain things in simple terms, and talked a lot with us to make sure she knew exactly what we wanted/didn't want when it came to our plans. She was very thorough and easy to work with. We would highly recommend her!

– Anonymous

Ms. McCreary set up a Revocable Living Trust to ensure my beloved pets would be cared for when the time comes for me to shuffle off this mortal coil.

During the initial consult, she listened carefully to my concerns and indicated a clear understanding of what my goals for the trust were. Through a series of question/answer sessions and her own written questionnaires, she presented trust language that was almost exactly what I wanted (and needed). It was explained to me in "real people language" and questions I had were answered in the same manner (I never learned to speak "legal", so this was immensely helpful).

At no time did she ever make assumptions as to what I wanted to accomplish... if it wasn't crystal clear, she contacted me to insure that my wishes were completely clear, so that they could be properly documented in the trust papers. This allowed us to take the language in the trust from "almost perfect" to "absolutely perfect" in a short period of time.

While I obviously hope that the terms of the trust aren't going to come into play for some time, I sleep better knowing that if I get run over by a bus tomorrow, my beloved pets will be properly cared for afterwards.

– Benny

Ms. McCreary prepared my Estate Plan in Spring of 2015. During the entire process I had total confidence in her abilities and was grateful for her guidance. She made me feel very comfortable talking about something that is very personal as well as sometimes emotional. Throughout the whole process I felt well informed and she was wonderful at explaining anything that I had questions about. I highly recommend her!!

– Barbara

Atty McCreary has a friendly and calming personality (rare among the trade), and has a way of making it easier to think about what needs to be assembled and planned for something most of us really don't want to think about (our own demise). She brings the various options - with pro's and con's - and listens to what her clients 'want' and helps them get it into the process in a binding format. She made what could have been an unnerving and unpleasant process less so.

– Rob