People Involved in Probate

Who is a decedent?

Decedent is the term used for the person who died.

Who are beneficiaries in a will?

Beneficiaries are the people who are named in the will or in accounts to receive property and assets after the decedent dies.

Who are heirs in an estate?

Heirs are people that will inherit property when there is no will. Your heirs are relatives. Texas has a particular order for deciding who inherits property.

What is a personal representative?

The personal representative is the person the court appoints to be in charge of the estate. This could be an executor (or executrix) or an administrator.

What is an executor? What is an executrix?

The executor (often called an executrix when female) is the person named in a will to be in charge of the estate after the decedent dies. To have official authority, the executor needs to be appointed by the court.

What is an administrator of an estate?

The administrator of an estate is the person appointed by the court to be in charge of the estate after the decedent dies. We use “administrator” when the decedent did not have a will.