Planning and Protection for Minor Children

For parents of minor children, any estate plan needs to include plans for providing for those children if something happens to you. This involved is more than just a will or trust. And naming a guardian in your will is not enough. McCreary Law Office wants to make sure you protect your children no matter what happens.

Based in Houston, McCreary Law Office offers a special package to add to the estate plans of Texas families with minor children.

Planning in Case You Don’t Return Home

Too often parents name a guardian only in a Last Will and Testament. But what happens between the time something happens to you and when your will is found or read? What happens if you are out and your children are with a babysitter, and you don’t come home? Where would your children go while waiting for everything to be figured out?

In a special plan for parents of minor children, McCreary Law Office will help you put emergency and temporary preferences in place. Together we will discuss how you want your kids taken care of and by whom. This is especially important when the person you want to be permanent guardian is not nearby. We will also develop a plan for you to share your wishes so they are known.

Preventing Strangers from Making Your Decisions

Without planning, the judge of a court – who doesn’t know you or your children – will decide where your children will live. Sometimes a family member looks great on paper, but you know things behind the scenes that would make that the last person you want raising your children. Also, people in your family might disagree over what is best for your children, particularly if they’re from two different sides of your child’s family. When that happens, it’s left to the court to decide.

You can help prevent having a stranger make these decisions by putting a solid plan in place. McCreary Law Office guides clients in naming guardians and back-up guardians for children. And we will have the deeper conversations to make sure someone you absolutely do not want to be guardian of your children should not be.

Protecting Your Children’s Financial Futures

The above, which is a court-driven guardianship process, not only might result in a guardian of your children that you don’t want, but that entire process will cost money out of your estate – money that could instead be used to help provide for your children’s futures. By making your preferences clear, you can save more money to take care of your children later.

More importantly, McCreary Law Office recommends building trust language into your estate plan so you can make sure any inheritance for your kids is protected for their futures. Together, we will build your individualized plan to provide for your children as they grow into adulthood and beyond.

Choosing a Better Plan

McCreary Law Office understands the comprehensive planning needed for families with minor children. Because of this, the office offers a special package to add to your estate plan for all families with minor children. This added planning not only educates you about these issues but also implements carefully thought-out pieces to help protect your children in case the unthinkable happens. From educating your children’s caregivers now to providing information about your family legacy to your children later, the office strives to provide that critical peace of mind needed for parents.

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